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Madeleine Sheahan,

Maddy is a third-year student at the University of Toronto where she is completing a specialist is Renaissance Studies and a minor in Italian language. In future, Maddy plans to pursue graduate studies and has a special interest in Early Modern medicine, queer history and the intersection of gender and charity.

Eduardo Montero,
Academic Coordinator

Eduardo is a third-year student working towards a double major in History and French Language Learning, as well as a minor in Portuguese. He hopes to go to teacher’s college after his undergraduate and become a history and languages teacher. He enjoys cooking, painting, and craft cider.  

Sofiya Romashchenko,
Vice President

Sofiya is a third-year History Major, and a Material Culture and Renaissance studies minor looking to pursue a future in museum and curation work. She has an interest in Edwardian ceramics and looks to own an otter one day.

Adam Rendall,
Public Outreach Coordinator

Adam is a third year student double majoring in History and Renaissance studies. He wants to go to law school, but has his heart set on getting his B.A. first. He is an avid tea drinker who also happens to exemplify the Canadian + Tim Horton's stereotype.

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